Our Eco-Brick project is complete. The children had a wonderful week working alongside artist Nicky Dowd building their eco furniture. We built a table, bench and two stools. They are very sturdy and look fantastic. The furniture will be on display in Westport next weekend for Westival. I would like to thank all families for getting on board with this project. The positive response was uplifting. We filled a total of 108 2 and 3 litre plastic milk bottles with single use plastic, weighing a total of 33.1kg. A brilliant achievement! I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sarah-Jane O’Malley for introducing us to the concept of eco-bricks. Both myself and Nicky are thrilled we were able to use the idea and create the furniture. It has raised a lot of awareness among the children about how we can reduce our waste and help the environment tying in very well with our Green Schools initiative. 

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